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At Scalp Ink, our scalp micropigmenation (SMP) procedure is designed to fulfil your specific needs and revamp your overall look and appearance.

We make hair loss a thing from the past!

Peter Anestis is the owner and artist behind the Scalp Ink brand. Trained internationally at the multi-award winning Gerow Hair Ink facility in New York, Peter has now brought this unique and life changing SMP technique to his studio in Doncaster Victoria.

With more than 20 years experience as a creative professional, Peter is renowned for his attention to detail which he brings to all aspects of his business to ensure the ultimate in client satisfaction.

If you are looking for a permanent solution for hair loss and thinning, then think Scalp Ink, Peter can deliver a safe alternative to hair transplant surgery and other techniques which has no side effects and does not require ongoing maintenance. It’s simple and affordable which restores confidence in no time at all.

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For Men & Women

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Scalp Ink for Men

We have several procedures to choose from, each of them addresses their specific needs. The following procedures are some of the treatment options available for individuals that suffer from varying degrees of hair loss.

Scalp Ink for Women

SMP is just not for men… Hair loss or thinning of hair isn’t just a problem amongst men, it also affects women. We’re experts at creating a subtle natural look that addresses their specific needs.

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We make hair loss a thing from the past.