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Hair loss is confronting, it can sap your self esteem and impact on your social, personal and professional life. We will work with you to ensure optimum results regardless of your baldness issues:


Anybody can be affected by Alopecia as it occurs when the immune system attacks hair follicles. The follicle may be permanently damaged, but our technique can manage this issue for you.

Female Hair Loss & Thinning

Women who experience hair loss may be feeling embarrassed, helpless and lacking self-esteem. Our discrete professionals are here to provide you with support, options and results.

Male Pattern Baldness

Also known as androgenetic alopecia, male pattern baldness occurs in various degrees for almost every male. Fortunately, the team at Scalp Ink can help address this confidence-sapping issue.

Thinning Hair

For many, thinning hair is experienced by up to 38% of women and nearly 60% of males. Thinning hair is a gradual process that most people fail to pick up on until it has progressed to a later stage. We can work with you to create an outstanding, bespoke approach to your baldness.

Other services include

Scar Camouflage • SMP Reparations • Hair Transplant Scars

What to look out for

Thinning hair is a slow progression for both men (60%) and women (38%) with most people realizing too late.


  • Ponytail feeling thinner
  • The visible appearance of more scalp when pulling your hair back
  • The part in your hair appears to be widening
  • Observing more hair fall out when washing and brushing your hair or on your pillow.

The feeling of embarrassment and helplessness is common for both males and females. We are here to provide support to you as we rebuild your confidence.


Causes of thinning hair include: an autoimmune condition, hormonal abnormalities, anemia, genetics and stress.

Our solution to achieve the desired results you want is employing the micropigmentation technique. This effective and discreet technique treats thinning hair in a safe and permanent manner.

This procedure requires minimal treatments and delivers a natural appearance.

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